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Florida seascape during sundown with bright blue sky at the top melting into the orange sunset and then the open water.Optimizing the use of visual content is crucial, especially when it comes to adhering to copyright laws and licensing restrictions. UF/IFAS Communications recommends prioritizing images captured by UF faculty and staff, accessible through our comprehensive photo database at This database contains an extensive collection of thousands of images, searchable and downloadable using your UF/IFAS Gatorlink credentials.

UF Photo Sources

A list of curated internal photo banks available for use by any UF/IFAS staff or faculty member can be found below. In instances where external sources are necessary, diligence is key in ensuring strict compliance with all licensing restrictions.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock, accessible to those with the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite license, offers a diverse range of assets, including photos, design elements, 3D models, and motion graphics templates for use in professional, academic, and coursework-related projects at UF. It is important to note that Video, Audio, and Premium Photos are not part of the free assets under the University’s Adobe Stock Enterprise license and may require separate purchases. These assets should not be used for personal projects. For the complete Adobe Stock image licensing terms, see:

Microsoft Office Stock Images

Use MS Stock images with caution. Follow the guidelines below:

  • DO include MS Stock images in presentations, documents, or other MS Office files.
  • DO export these to PDF for sharing.
  • DO NOT copy/paste to third-party applications.
  • DO NOT post on websites or social media pages.
  • DO NOT save as an image file and use it outside of MS Office.
  • DO NOT use the photos browser or online pictures options.

Getty Images

(being discontinued on March 30, 2024)

UF/IFAS Communications has purchased a subscription to a set of Getty Images for use by UF/IFAS faculty and staff. You can view the images we have access to here: Getty Premium Access Guest Preview (

Once you find the images you are interested in, please submit a Workfront request using the Getty Image Request ( option.

Using Photos from the Internet

NOT ALL PHOTOS on the web ARE FREE. Most of them have copyright limitations from the photographer.

Q: Can I use a photo that was taken by a UF/IFAS employee?

A: You can use the photo IF:

    • the employee was on the job when the photo was taken;
    • used UF photographic equipment (including a personal cellphone); or
    • it taken in service of performing one’s job duties. Under these circumstances, the copyright would belong to UF, and thus, it is “safe” to use for UF/IFAS publications or communications.

Q: Can I use a photo that I took while I was NOT on the job?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: How should photos be credited?

A: Use “UF/IFAS” after your name in the credits to cede copyright to UF. If you want or need to assert that it is your photo, credit it “Courtesy of <name>.”

More information

For more information regarding photo usage, please contact Tracy Bryant at


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Posted: September 1, 2021

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