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TERMINALFOUR (T4) Tip 17: Migration To Terminalfour? Here Is An Example Of What To Do With All Those Factsheets

Your fact sheets are GREAT blog content.

Here is an example:


TIP: The original .PDF file is embedded as a link in the post after uploading it to the Media gallery.

EXPLANATION: Your facts sheets can live on. But they will need to be transferred by the UF/IFAS Extension County T4 Moderator to either Blogs.IFAS or the TERMINALFOUR Media Gallery. I recommend the T4 media gallery since it has bulk upload (which means hundreds can be uploaded at one time).

Contact to learn how to bulk upload your .pdf fact sheets to the T4 Media library.

NOTE: Putting your fact sheets in the Media library does not mean anyone would see them. So, follow this example to expose your factsheets using a blog post. A screenshot of the post is below.

The screenshot shows how the post would look when posted on Blogs.IFAS. Please note the red boxes in the screenshot:

  • Blog title and post are from the .PDF fact sheet.
  • The body of the post includes a link to the Full – fact sheet uploaded to the Media Gallery as a .PDF file.
  • The post was labeled: “Category: Horticulture” and Tagged “beach sunflower, dune sunflower, and factsheet.”
  • You need a big featured image for the post (1338wX357h – pixel) so I inserted a high-quality photo from