Pest Control License Brochures

The two examples pictured represent a set of 12 brochures that were created for the Pest Control License program. Each area’s brochure was redesigned from scratch, based on the content of previous versions from some years before. All of the program and fee information was updated, and organized in a fashion to be most easily readable.

The areas covered by the brochure set includes:

  • Agricultural Animal/Row/Tree Crop Pest Control Licenses;
  • Private Applicator Agriculture Pest Control License;
  • Right of way Pest Control License;
  • Forest Pest Control License;
  • Natural Area Weed Management License;
  • Soil and Greenhouse Fumigation License;
  • Demonstration and Research License;
  • Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance Certification;
  • Limited Lawn and Ornamental Certification.

Posted: April 2, 2014

Category: UF/IFAS Graphics

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