A purpose-driven 2022

UF/IFAS Strategic Plan
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We’re kicking off 2022 by looking ahead with an updated UF/IFAS Strategic Plan.

We’ve taken a less-is-more approach, focusing this two-page document on what unites us, regardless of job title, duties, discipline or target audience.

This is what emerged loud and clear from our listening sessions in 2021: We need to communicate our role and impact. To garner and grow the funding we need, supporters and would-be supporters need to know what we’re delivering and why it’s important.

The strategic plan represents consensus on what comes first, what’s most important. Use these goals and objectives to triage all the tasks that come at us and all the ideas we generate that we’d like to put into practice.

If we’re all driven by the same purpose—the same why—we can increase the impact of those whats, whens and wheres. It helps us identify the whats, whens and wheres that matter most.

The plan reminds us to tell others about it. You’ll notice the very first priority, the first thing mentioned in the document, is to build awareness. We’re recommitting now to our extensive efforts to tell our story. Everything else follows from inviting people in to be part of our story.

I wish you a happy, healthy and impactful 2022 and look forward to writing the next chapter with you this year.


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Posted: January 5, 2022

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