Holmes County 4-H Receives Generosity

In October, the Holmes County 4-H program was on the receiving end of a lesson on generosity when it received a gift from John Tate of the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office. Holmes County 4-H became the recipient of a much needed 15 passenger van for the 4-H program. Hearing the need at a recent Advisory Council Meeting to be able to transport youth to 4-H events in our community and across the state for educational 4-H events, competitions, and to serve in acts of community service, Sheriff Tate readily stepped in to assist with the donation of a van to the 4-H program.

With the assistance of Clouds Auto Parts, Advanced Auto Parts, and LKQ, Sheriff Tate got a 15 passenger van in pristine running condition for the Holmes County 4-H program. A very special thanks for all that help to make this blessing a reality for our 4-H program! Holmes County’s 4-H Agent, Niki Crawson, stated that she “feels honored to work in a community that supports our youth and program so whole-heartedly. Thank you to Sheriff Tate very much for making transportation easier for our youth and families so that they may be able to expand their opportunities even more.”

Since 4-H is recognized for four critical components of successful learning experiences in its program known as the 4-H Essential Elements, i.e. a sense of belonging, independence, mastery and generosity, on any given day of 4-H club meetings or events within the Holmes County 4-H program, one can easily identify at least one of these essential elements embedded in the learning processes taking place. Volunteers work tirelessly to help youth in the 4-H program feel safe, needed, appreciated, and included. They are teaching our youth to give back to the local community and be strong leaders for our future. With adults in our community like Sheriff Tate demonstrating these guiding principles, youth are developing strong moral character that will serve them well throughout their future.


Posted: December 6, 2017

Category: 4-H & Youth
Tags: 4-H, Donation, Essential Elements, Generosity, Leadership, Life Skills

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