Weed of the Week: Blackberry

Fall is the best time to apply herbicides for blackberry briar control. Credit: Brent Sellers

Across the southeastern United States, there are several different species of Rubus (Blackberry and Dewberry). Blackberry is a common issue for pasture owners, with it also commonly growing in fence rows, and ditch banks. Lack of management will result in well established thick stands that grow rapidly. These large stands not only reduce pasture production, but also can result in some injury to animals from the thorns.

If you need help identifying weeds or developing a control plan for your operation, please contact your county extension agent.

For more information on this topic please see the following UF/IFAS Publications:

Blackberry Biology and Control

Fall Herbicide Applications are Best for Blackberry Control in Pastures


Posted: October 13, 2017

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Forage & Pasture, Panhandle Agriculture, Pasture, Pest Management, Weeds

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