Online: Florida Master Money Mentor Training

Florida Master Money Mentor training covers basic personal finance topics and teaches you how to empower others to take control of their personal finances.

The online training has nine modules with topics such as financial decision making, motivational interviewing, cash flow management, consumer loans, building a positive credit history, and saving for future goals. Topics are explored through videos, presentations, case studies, and group discussion. The modules are self-paced and take approximately 1-2 hours to complete.

In partnership with their local Extension Office, Florida Master Money Mentors volunteers provide personal finance education to Florida residents on topics such as cash flow management, credit, and achieving goals. Mentors do this through 1-1 education sessions, small group classes, staffing tables at community events, and some mentors also choose to serve as tax preparation volunteers.

Residents with a desire for professional development or personal knowledge are welcome to attend the training.

The registration fee for the online training is $45.95. Full and partial scholarships are available.

Registration is available at

If you would like additional information, contact Lisa Leslie at or 813-744-5519 ext.54143 or Jill Breslawski at or 850-689-5850 or 850- 892-8172


Posted: October 26, 2021

Category: Events
Tags: Budgeting, Credit, Financial Counseling, Financial Management, Financial Planning, Florida Master Money Mentors, Money, Personal Finance, Professional Develoment, Volunteer

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