Vegetable Gardening & Soil pH

Vegetables’ Preferred pH Range

Vegetables prefer a soil pH range of 5.8 to 6.3. However, if soil pH is between 5.5 and 7.0, there is no need to adjust pH. If your soil pH is within the recommended range to grow vegetables, do not apply lime.


See this link for the Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide. The Guide has helpful information about vegetables such as when to plant (Table 1) and recommended varieties (Table 2).

Pumpkins in a pumpkin patch. Photo taken 10-3-15
In Central Florida, pumpkins should be planted mid-July. UF recommends these varieties: Big Max, Connecticut Field, Prizewinner, Jack Be Little, Jack O Lantern and calabaza.
Soil Testing for pH

Samples may be submitted to the Hillsborough County Extension office or to the UF lab in Gainesville. The cost is $3.00 per sample. Contact our office for questions about other soil tests.

Broccoli growing in a vegetable garden. Photo taken on 11-28-16.
If your soil pH is within the recommended range for vegetables, you don’t need to add lime. Vegetables grow in a soil pH range of 5.5 – 7.0.

Posted: October 31, 2018

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