Taking Aim at Life Skills

The 4-H shooting sports program teaches youth not only to aim for the target but to aim for their goals, as well. Helping with skills such as concentration, diligence, and goal setting, the shooting sports projects are putting more than 300,000 youth a year on track to succeed.

This article has been adapted from Point Kids in the Right Direction, a brochure of the 4-H National Shooting Sports program at 4-Hshootingsports.org

Safety First
While youth may join a shooting sports program to learn how to hit the bullseye, parents often sign them up to learn safety first. There is ample evidence that the 4-H shooting sports program helps instill a positive self-concept and develop good character. Coupled with a high standard of gun safety and the emphasis on ethical behavior, this program helps youth avoid accidental shootings and hinders the improper use of firearms.

Building Life Skills
• Decision making, self-discipline, and problem solving
• Promote high standards of safety, sportsmanship, and ethics
• Encourage an appreciation for and understanding of natural resources
• Develop leadership
• Build character and the willingness to assume responsibility
• Ability to concentrate, focus, and practice my skills
• To set goals, define steps to the goals, and have the confidence to reach those goals
• Promotes healthy competition, teamwork, and self-evaluation

Beyond the Club
National 4-H Shooting Sports also offers teens the opportunity to serve as a national ambassador to the program. This further develops their skills related to public speaking, leadership, and citizenship. Being an ambassador opens doors to travel, network, and present to a variety of audiences.
To learn more about the overall 4-H Shooting Sports program, visit 4-Hshootingsports.org
Two shooting sports clubs are offered in Hernando County. Contact nmoores@ufl.edu to join.


Posted: February 9, 2018

Category: 4-H & Youth, Camp

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