Strawberry Advisory System App

Strawberry Advisory System screen shot
A screen shot of the Strawberry Advisory System showing low risk for both anthracnose and botrytis fruit rot in west-central Florida

Anthracnose and botrytis fruit rot are two fungal diseases that affect strawberries. Until recently, strawberry growers combated these diseases with weekly fungicide applications. However, a new app developed by UF/IFAS researchers may change that practice and make controlling these fungi more efficient.1

The Strawberry Advisory System app uses local weather forecasts to predict the risk of anthracnose and botrytis fruit rot in a particular area. Since the app can be used on a mobile device, growers can use this information in the field when deciding whether or not to use fungicides on their crop. Growers can also use the app to get recommendations on which fungicides to use.2

Because the app directs growers to apply fungicide only when needed, it can help increase their profits. Using fungicide less frequently is also more environmentally friendly.1

You can download the free app for both Apple and Android devices. An online desktop version is also available.

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UF/IFAS Photo by Tyler Jones


Posted: March 7, 2016

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