Resolutions: A Narrative

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines resolution as “the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc”. The act of finding an answer; what are you seeking to resolve this year? 2015 is here and there is no turning back. We celebrated the New Year just a few days and very soon we will be halfway the first month.

If you read Living Well in the Panhandle articles; you must have noticed a trend, the trend is information on Living Well; not one day or month but the whole year. With that in mind; what do you resolve to do this year to in order to live well? While realizing your resolutions; we must take note that, unless your “chosen” resolution becomes a habit; chances are you may fail at achieving it. However; whatever your resolution is this year; here are a few things you might consider to help you out with your resolve.

Sign up with an organization that supports people who have the same resolve. For instance; it is common that many people resolve to save more each year. From personal experience; it is tough to change spending habits in-order to boost that saving without moral support. However; organizations like America Saves motivates people who want to save for different goals. Pledge to save during America Save week – February 23- 28th ( or any time before then. This is one avenue many people across the country have begun and stuck with their resolve to save. The resolution becomes a habit; because there; on the America Saves website ( you can find motivation from other savers or prospective savers like yourself. Not only that; but you can sign up to receive a newsletter with information on how to maximize your effort.

Judging by the number of commercials on different media on weight loss the other most common resolutions are to eat right, exercise and possibly lose weight. There are several sites to sign up with in order to provide you with unbiased information as you work your way to living well. Small Steps to Health and Weight ( is a site that you can sign up for the challenge that will help you stay focused on your goal and challenge you to do even better for yourself.

A good resolution should focus on improving one’s life. That being said; choose to read Living Well in the Panhandle and live well not just for a day or a month but for the rest of your life. For more information on Living Well in the Panhandle contact your local UF IFAS Extension Agent. Happy New Year!!


Posted: February 11, 2015

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