Enhancing the FRE Degree with a Master’s Education

You’re in your undergraduate studies – Why should you be considering master’s programs NOW?

The increased access to higher education, this has afforded students the ability to obtain a degree in a plethora of areas and modalities. Similarly, students are looking towards new opportunities to become more competitive in the workforce and build upon their skillset. With combined degree options (where students can complete a portion of their graduate studies while completing their undergraduate degree) and an increasing number of graduate programs available, this is quickly becoming a popular option for students.

Obtaining a graduate degree can lead to increased salary potential, staying up to date in the latest research and methods in academia (hello AI!), and an overall great way to specialize in your passion. Coupling that with great opportunities to save money while completing your graduate degree is icing on the cake!

Within Food and Resource Economics, students can navigate a wide variety of avenues for graduate degree programs. The most popular option for students is to pursue a master’s program in a related field. If students are hoping to complete a program here at UF, there are additional benefits such as the opportunity to complete a Combined Degree Program. The Combined Degree program is a huge benefit for students as many of the courses for the listed programs in this blog post can double count for FRE Electives. On top of saving money there, depending on your financial aid package, you may be able to have your undergraduate portion of your graduate course covered! Bottom line: Saving you TIME and MONEY. However, it is important to acknowledge that these options require planning ahead of time! If you are considering a combined degree option, it is best to meet with your advisor and the master’s program admission officers well before you intend on applying – We suggest collecting information and speaking to your advisor no later than by the end of the first semester of your Junior year!

Take some time below to review some popular options FRE students have pursued in the past. All of these options do offer combined degree programs! Note that the Warrington College of Business Programs (ISOM, MIB, MSM, MS Marketing) are not housed under our department. For most up-to-date information, please ensure you are meeting with their representatives!


Master of Science in Agribusiness

For students in the Food and Resource Economics major or related program that wish to dive deeper into economic theory, the Master of Science in Agribusiness (MSAB) is a great opportunity. Housed within FRE, students will have the opportunity to engage more with faculty with smaller class sizes and additional involvement opportunities. The program will also provide the tools necessary to solve real-world industry problems that help develop the skills to be the next leaders in agribusiness. Outcomes of the program include careers in private industry, state and federal government, and education in the agricultural industry to name a few.

FRE students can complete the program pre-requisites while completing their undergraduate studies – with enough planning these courses can be done while double counting for undergraduate degree requirements! The program is a 4-semester program (summer included) totaling 30 credits. If you are a non-FRE student coming from a non-Economics background, the department also offers a 100% online Master of Agribusiness (MAB) program to provide a foundation in agribusiness.

For more information about the MSAB or the MAB program, please check out the below webpages:

MSAB: https://fred.ifas.ufl.edu/current-students/graduate/master-of-science-in-agribusiness-non-thesis/

MAB: https://fred.ifas.ufl.edu/current-students/graduate/master-of-agribusiness-non-thesis/


Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management

The Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management (MS ISOM) is a program quickly growing in popularity for our students! With the increased importance of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, this program offers a variety of degree tracks concentrated in STEM to best prepare our students in critical thinking and decision-making using data.

Quoting Ryan Chin-Hing, an advisor for the program, “The Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management (MS-ISOM) program delivers a learning experience that emphasizes analytics, artificial intelligence, technology, business, and communication—with a focus on problem-solving. Our graduates are sought after by firms in a variety of sectors such as consulting, financial services, technology, and energy. The MS-ISOM program gives students access to innovative methods in analytics that line up with what employers around the world are looking for today. Students learn how to collect data, but more importantly, they will know how to analyze it and help companies make critical decisions.”

The program offers four degree tracks including Data Science, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, and their newest degree concentration, Business Analytics. For more information about the program, feel free to check out the degree page: https://warrington.ufl.edu/master-of-science-in-information-systems-and-operations-management/ or contact Ryan Chin-Hing for any questions!

Traditional Business Focused Programs – Master of International Business, Master of Science in Management, and Master of Science in Marketing

The Warrington College of Business has several master’s degree programs that are great to highlight for our students or those who are hoping to gain a business background to their academic studies. Many of these are focused on students with a business background (major or minor) with little or no professional work experience. If you are hoping to expand your horizons and explore a wide variety of career outcomes, this is a great start. If you happen to be a student from a non-business major or minor, the Master of Science in Management is a great way to build that foundation in your graduate studies.

For our students, the most popular program of the three is the Master of International Business (MIB) as it builds off of the FRE program while incorporating that same specialized business focus while also including opportunities to globalize their education. This program is designed to be completed online or on-campus in 1 year (30 credits) if completed full-time.

Completing the Combined Degree program is a huge benefit for students as many of the courses for the MIB and MS Marketing Programs can double count for FRE Electives. As stated on the website, “most undergraduate scholarships (including Bright Futures) and Florida Prepaid will cover a portion of your graduate tuition while you are still an undergraduate” – Bottom line: Saving TIME and MONEY!

For more information about the MIB, MSM, or MS Marketing programs here are some great websites to check out:

MIB – https://warrington.ufl.edu/master-of-international-business/

MSM – https://warrington.ufl.edu/master-of-science-in-management/

MS Marketing – https://warrington.ufl.edu/master-of-science-in-marketing/


Posted: November 17, 2021

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