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Right before Thanksgiving a group of us Master Gardeners got together to make repairs on our 10-foot by 10-foot greenhouse. It was in need of new braces on the ground, a new door, and re-covering. We made it on the cheap (less than $100) about 4 years ago and with a few repairs it should last another 4 years.

MG Greenhouse Team insert
Thank you to Michele and Drew Hackmeyer, Mary Cortese, Chris Hill, Anne Peterson, JoAnn Green, and Les Harrison!


Internet Provides Great Instructions

There are several articles on the Internet that have good drawings and step-by-step instructions on how to build a greenhouse with electrical conduit, 2X4s, and heavy

MG Building Frame
Step-By-Step internet instructions supports the work.

duty plastic to cover the structure. Here are two links (one is local):

Older Workmanship Holds Up

Our electrical conduit held up well after 4 years as you can see from the pictures. We used 2X6s for the frame along the bottom and

MG Teamwork
Step-By-Step, Master Gardeners get it done!

then used screws to attach the pipe to the wood frame. We attached a window to one end and framed in a door at the opposite end. The door and window also need to be framed in, so remember to include this in your supply list. Both help with circulation for the plants as the structure can get quite hot, even during daylight hours in January!

Teamwork Goes A Long Way

It took all of us to pull the plastic sheet over the top of the greenhouse. Luckily we placed out potting benches inside before we screwed the pipe to the wooden base! We were able to stand on the benches to pull the plastic up and over. And a good trick to attach the plastic to the wood framing is to place a thin piece of plastic or canvas tape (like the tape used to hold boards in place) over the plastic sheeting before stapling to wood framing. This keeps the plastic from tearing.

When determining where to build a greenhouse on your property, keep in mind the need for water and electricity. Water for your plants once they are inside the greenhouse, and electricity to run heater and irrigation systems. You do not want to be too far removed from either of these once you get everything in place!

MG Working Team
Moving tender plants and seedlings inside shelter during the cold weather.
Plants and Seedlings Stay Sheltered

Now that it is turning cooler, we can move our tender plants and seedlings into the repaired greenhouse. We will agree on a schedule for checking on the plants and making sure everything is working properly. Thank you to Michele and Drew Hackmeyer, Mary Cortese, Chris Hill, Anne Peterson, JoAnn Green, and Les Harrison!




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Posted: November 28, 2018

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