Update – Escambia Lionfish Round Up

WEEK 6 – 58 lionfish have been logged

No.’s by Charters – NIUHI (41 fish), Y-Knot (10 fish), Lavoie Spearfishing (5 fish), S. Walker (2)

14" Lionfish Collected by Shawn Walker
14″ Lionfish Collected by Shawn Walker

We are now in the 51st day of this 61 day event. Only 56 lionfish have been submitted at this point but conversation with local dive shops suggest that the weather has played a big role in this. The entire team plans to meet at a later date to discuss why so few lionfish have been logged. That said, we do have one more week and we will see what happens. The data right now shows that more fish are being caught in the morning and at deeper depths. There were more fish collected per minute in August than July but fish were only submitted from August 1st through 5th; again not sure why nothing was submitted after this, but all agree weather played a large part.

After the completion of the Round Up a final report will be submitted and posted on this website.

For more information on lionfish go to one of the following links:

https://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/escambiaco/2012/08/17/the-invasion-of-the-lionfish/ (found on the MARINE page of this website)




Bad weather may have played a role in the low number of lionfish submitted.  Photo: Rick O'Connor
Bad weather may have played a role in the low number of lionfish submitted. Photo: Rick O’Connor

Posted: August 23, 2013

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