Melitto Files gets a new look

The Melitto Files has hit the web in a whole new way! We are transitioning from a newsletter format to an online blog. This will be the new source of information about the Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory (HBREL) and Florida beekeeping.

What Has Changed?

  • More Frequent Publishing Schedule – Instead of waiting months for the next Melitto Files newsletter, a new blog article will be published every two weeks.
  • Immediate Access to Announcements and News – The new format will let us inform you about upcoming events or the latest research from the lab more quickly than ever before.
We can now include larger, higher-quality media like this stunning panoramic view overlooking the South Africa-Lesotho border that we took on a research trip in 2014. Click on the image to see the full size.
  • New videos, better pictures and more! – The Melitto Files will now include more types of media content. Expect to see video clips, higher-quality images and links to other important honey bee-related content in the future.
  • Search the Melitto Files – Unlike the newsletter, the new Melitto Files blog has a fully-functional search bar that will allow you to lookup any previously published blog article. Archived content published in the newsletter will still be available in pdf format at
  • Greater Connectivity – You can now share links to your favorite Melitto Files articles on facebook, twitter, or other social media platforms to discuss them with your friends!

What Hasn’t Changed?

  • The Same Beekeeping Topics – We will still be primarily focused on addressing topics that beekeepers care about, such as information and advice on Florida beekeeping practices, honey bee biology, and native pollinators.


Apiary_for web
No matter what the format, we are still all about honey bees and beekeeping!
  • The Same News– The Melitto Files is still the primary source for Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory news. This includes news about our research, extension events, staff and more.
  • Article Compilations – You can still receive all of your Melitto Files articles at once through monthly compilations of our blog posts. These will be sent via email to all subscribers.

What Do You Need To Do?

You will be automatically subscribed the new blog if you were signed up to receive email notifications about the Melitto Files newsletter. You will also have the opportunity to unsubscribe from the service if you would like. If you are new to the Melitto Files then you can subscribe to receive notifications by going here: ( .

What’s Next?

As a lab endeavors to serve the community that supports us, we believe this transition will allow us to present beekeepers with the highest-quality content that we can. We’d like to say thank you to everybody that has kept up with the Melitto Files in the past. We look forward to hearing what you think about the blog in the future, so check back in two weeks for the first of our regularly-scheduled updates!

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Posted: June 14, 2016

Category: Agriculture, Natural Resources
Tags: Beekeeping, Tbustamante, UFHoneyBeeLab

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