Why is my area so bug-infested?

These are some common questions- Why are there so many bugs in Florida? Not species but individual bugs. Why is my area so bug-infested? Why are there sometimes so many bugs of a certain type, like love bug swarms?

Florida’s warm, humid climate provides good breeding conditions for many insects and other land-dwelling arthropods. Some of them are able to maintain large populations year after year because there’s plenty of food, water and shelter. Occasionally, the conditions are especially good and we get huge numbers of certain bugs in certain areas in certain years. These population explosions can be a nuisance locally, but they are normal and usually pose no threat to human health.


Figure 1. Adult lovebugs, Plecia nearctica Hardy, swarm on a building.

Photograph by Debra Young, used with permission.


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Posted: May 6, 2014

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