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Welcome to UF/IFAS What’s Bugging You FAQ’s

 If you live in Florida, you already know that our state is a hotbed for bugs. And with thousands of insects, spiders, mites and other creepy-crawly critters wandering about, you may have a few questions about them.

UF/IFAS entomology experts want to make sure you get the facts about Florida’s bugs. To celebrate BugWeek@UF, we’ve developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that should help clear up any confusion. We will be adding to these FAQs all year long so feel free to  ask a question.


Search the FAQ: Just search our blog site for FAQ and a few key words from your question. And if you have questions that weren’t answered by the FAQs, let us know.

Many of the questions submitted will be featured on the UF/IFAS Facebook and Twitter pages during  BugWeek@UF. You can visit the website for more great bug information!

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