Managing Your EDIS Publications Using the EDIS Admin System

Access your dashboard at

Important: Please see the post on Sunset Reviews for EDIS Articles for what to consider when reviewing publications for retention on the Ask IFAS site.

Navigating the site

Log In using gatorlink authentication:

EDIS Admin login page with link in upper right hand corner circled in red

As a publication contact, you have two options: Dashboard and Manage Publications

screenshot of the top of the page showing two links: contact dashboard and manage publications

Dashboard will take you to lists of your publications in OJS (once it’s set up) and your Contact Dashboard.

Manage publications will allow you to pull up information about any EDIS publication.

Click one of the links to the Contact Dashboard

screenshot indicating locations of two contact dashboard links on the page


Or use the direct URL:

Using the Dashboard

The contact dashboard lists all the publications for which you are listed as a contact in one place.

You can filter the publications using the drop down box in the upper left to limit to sunsets only, and you can click on the column headers for DLN, Status, and Department to sort the records by those columns.

Records are color coded: no color indicates publications that do not need your attention. Yellow publications are sunsetting, and red are past sunset. Grey publications have been archived.

For each publication record, moving from left to right:

  • Check the box to set the status in the status drop down menu
  • Click on the DLN to open the publication page
  • Click on the first blue button to view the history of the publication
  • Click on the second blue button to download the word file

Setting the Publication Status on the contact dashboard

Note: see instructions for sunset review of EDIS publications.

After selecting documents from list, set their status from the drop-down menu under ‘Set Status’

  • No Changes Needed: You have reviewed the selected publications and they do not need any changes at this time. The publication’s status will be changed to ‘Reviewed’. It will be kept online and checked by ICS staff before being stamped with the review date.
  • Working On It: Indicates that you are currently working on a revision to the selected publications
  • Archive: Indicates that the selected publications should be archived. They will be added to a queue to be archived by ICS staff.
  • Submit Revision: Allows you to upload a revised manuscript. Note: you will only be able to do this for one publication at a time. It will be sent to ICS layout staff for updating on EDIS.
  • Clear Request: Removes any request for action on the selected publications and sets their status back to ‘Released’

All options on the ‘Set Status’ dropdown will allow you to enter comments before submitting

Working with Publication Pages

The admin site page for any publication is[DLN] where [DLN] is the DLN of the publication. You can navigate to this page from your contact dashboard or by looking up the publication on the Manage Publications page.

Most of the information on this page and the version page will be read-only, but you have options you can take.

screenshot of EDIS Admin publication page with arrows indicating key features of the page

Using the buttons in the upper right, you can view the history or go back.

You can download a blank word document with the EDIS styles preloaded

Each publication can have multiple versions, only one of which can be displayed on Ask IFAS at a time. For each version, you can view the version page, and preview the PDF and HTML if available.

You can also review the entities attached to a publication (units, topics, and authors) and the contact(s)

Actions on the Version Page

You can also record your sunset decision on the version page

Screenshot of a portion of the document version page with the actions menu opened to show the choices: mark as reviewed, working on it, archive, and submit revision

The preview button will allow you to see HTML or PDF version (if one is uploaded) even if the version is not published on Ask IFAS.

The Export button will export a Word file which you can use to make revisions.

Click the cancel button to go back to the publication page.


Posted: August 10, 2021

Category: Professional Development, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: EDIS Authors

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