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Freshly picked tomatoes.

County Kitchen Considerations

Since the pandemic began, many people have taken up gardening, tested new and exciting recipes, or tried their hand at baking. Perhaps someone you know has considered sharing or selling the fruits of their labor. UF/IFAS and EDIS offer resources that hobbyists, prospective entrepreneurs, and Extension personnel can consult for information on a dizzying array of subjects.

Cutting up zucchini on a cutting board.

Cutting up zucchini on a cutting board.

A recent EDIS publication, 2021 Guidelines for Operation and Usage of County Kitchens in the State of Florida, looks at guidelines for appropriate usage of county kitchen facilities. Learn about situations where rental of a county kitchen by an individual or a group is allowable. For example, a private citizen can rent the county kitchen to prepare foods for their own personal use, but not for sale or distribution. The authors walk you through permitted activities, requirements, licenses, logistics, and additional considerations.

Check the EDIS website for publications on food entrepreneurship and
home garden crops.