New Partnership…New Students…New Impact!

Nothing is better than finding new ways to impact your community and teaching kids. Both of which we get to do with the new partnership Duval 4-H has with the City of Jacksonville’s community centers. Last fall, we began programming in three community centers, teaching our six-week kitchen science curriculum. The students learned about chemical reactions, the scientific method, and different aspects of science, while engaging in fun activities. Soda and Mentos, making sugar crystals, lava lamps and creating biodegradable plastic are just a few of the experiments the students were able to participate in.

Homemade Lava lamp

In January, six of the community centers had the opportunity to engage in our Brick Masters curriculum which included a variety of STEM activities using Legos, teaching them about different aspects of engineering. Creating balloon powered race cars while learning about propulsion and mechanical engineering was hands down a fan favorite. The students were able to use the method they learned (Problem + Question + Science + Math = Engineering) to build things such as dams and robots while coming up with solutions when problems arose. At the end of the curriculum, they were able to confidently call themselves “Brick Masters”.

A dam created using Lego bricks

Getting fit was the theme for three of the community centers these last four months. They enjoyed a fitness curriculum that included yoga, freeze dance, push-up challenge and a sidewalk obstacle course.

Overall, it has been a very exciting year for 4-H and its new partnership, and we’re excited for what’s to come!


Posted: May 17, 2022

Category: 4-H & Youth, Curriculum
Tags: #CommunityCenters, #DuvalCounty4H, #ParksandRec

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