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Duval 4-H At Large Club

Welcome to the 2018-2019 4-H Year!

New to 4-H? Love a 4-H Project but Duval 4-H does not have a club that fits your needs? The 4-H club you would like to join is full?
Then the Duval 4-H At Large Club is for YOU!

What is the At Large 4-H Club?

The At Large 4-H Club is a transition club for prospective or new 4-H members who have not yet found a club to join, or are waiting to join a club that is full.

What does the club do?

The At Large 4-H Club holds meetings and explores different 4-H projects.  Youth learn what 4-H is about, how a 4-H meeting is run, what the roles and responsibilities of the club officers are, and about different projects that are available through the 4-H program.  Youth will also meet other 4-Hers who are looking for a club to join and have a lot of fun!

Who can join? 

4-H is open to all youth, ages 5-18, determined as of September 1 of the current 4-H program year and open to all counties in the State of Florida. 4-H serves youth from all backgrounds and interests. It reaches both boys and girls through 4-H clubs, special – interest groups and short – term projects, school-age child care, individual and family learning and mentoring, camping and school enrichment.

2018-2019 At Large Club Meeting Dates 

Sept 22: Meet at 4-H EXPO 9:00am-Noon Jacksonville Fair Grounds
Oct 16: 6:00pm at Duval County Extension Office
Nov 3rd: Meet for 4-H Day at the Jacksonville Fair (Contests / Shows run all day)
Dec 10: Meet with Holiday Bake Off 6:00pm Duval County Extension Office
Jan 15: 6:00pm at Duval County Extension Office
Feb 26: Meet at County Events Workshop 6:00pm Duval County Extension Office
March 26: 6:00pm at Duval County Extension Office
April 16: 6:00pm at Duval County Extension Office
May 21: 6:00pm at Duval County Extension Office

Contact the Duval County 4-H Office for any questions or if you would like more information / 904-255-7450