Threading a needle

Yes, threading a needle may sound like something simple but would you believe a lot of people just don’t? Who knows why. Does the needle scare them? Did you never learn? Do you have no clue what all is entailed? or well, like me these days, you just can’t see to thread it!? There are a few different ways to thread a needle that I’ve learned over the years and you can choose any one of multiples of these ways.

The old fashioned way

You only need thread and a needleYou heard me, the old fashioned way. Its the easiest and can simplify things so much. However, there are things that can hold people back from just threading a needle. We’ll get to that but for now, you’ll need simple thread and a needle. You’ll pull enough thread off the spool to loop it through the needle and back and to still be manageable when you’re pulling it through the material of your project. I’d recommend 16 inches of thread. Once you pull the thread out and cut it, use the notch on the side of the spool of thread (found in the plastic) to pull your thread through and hold it from unraveling more. Next, simply take the piece of thread and squint your eyes just right and push the thread through the eye of the needle. Simple, right? Yeah, maybe on a good vision day.

Using a needle threader

Have you seen all of those pictures floating aroundA needle threader on social media with, “if you know what this is, share”? Yes, this falls into that category. A needle threader. Its included in most sewing kits and even sometimes in those little bitty kits that include the necessities for patching or repairing a button. It looks like a strange coin that someone over flattened and reprinted Abraham Lincoln’s head on it. Yeah, I have no clue as to why manufacturing companies have always insisted on some guy’s head being imprinted on the portion of it that you hold. However, it can truly be your best friend when threading a needle! Do the same as you would with cutting a piece of thread but this time, you’ll start by pushing the little metal loop of the threader through the eye of the needle. Next, insert the thread through the loop and pull the needle threader back out of the eye of the needle. Your thread will come with it and viola! Your needle is threaded! Simple! Visit YouTube to see this method in action.

A newer, less known way

Drape thread across your handNow, a threader might be awesome to some but if you are visually impaired, it can still be a nightmare. I recently learned another way to thread a needle while scouring the web. People swear it works but it takes a good bit of practice. First, cut your piece of thread like the other two ways we’ve discussed. Next, you’ll drape the thread across your palm with the ends hanging off your palm and just below your pointer finger. After that, pick up your needle and lie it across the thread so that the eye of the needle is facing up. Next, you’ll begin moving the needle across the thread and it eventually will bunch up through the eye of the needle. And the thread pulls through…the needle is threaded! No supreme or okay vision skills needed except to see if the eye of the needle is facing the correct direction!

Try these, comment and tell us which way works best for you! We’d love to hear your feedback on the newer way of threading a needle. Now, happy sewing! Download the Thread a Needle Fact Sheet.





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Posted: May 27, 2020

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