How to obtain a pesticide license

Using pesticides requires testing and licensing by FDACS because exposure to some pesticides can be harmful to humans, wildlife, and environment.  Getting a “pesticide license” usually requires a test and continual renewal by obtaining CEUs (continuing education units). This process can be complicated! This post is here to help you navigate the licensing system!

There are multiple steps to getting your license


Figure out what license you need

We have a great quiz that helps you determine what license you need. The license differs based on factors such as if youre spraying on crops, on landscape beds, on turf, etc.

The pesticide information office at Univ. of Florida can also help you determine which license you need. I recommend double checking with them if you aren’t sure. Their phone number is 352-392-4721. They service the whole state!


Get training

Once you know the license, you need know if it requires specific trainings or exam fees. This document has all you need to know, make sure you scroll DOWN all the way through the website to find the information for your license.

For many of the licenses, the classes are optional, but taking a class can really help you pass. One of the licenses, the Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance license to apply round up and other restricted use pesticides on landscape beds, requires a 6-hour prep course. Email me if this is the license you need and I’ll send you class schedule information. .

For more information about upcoming classes and training, join my horticulture mailing list. I usually email one email or two emails per month with class announcements. Sign up here

Sometimes classes are offered in neighboring counties, in person or virtually. Upcoming classes in in nearby counties are listed here:

Additionally, the pesticide information office at UF has online modules that you can use to study for different exams, you’ll want to check out this page and you can call them to see if they have any specific recommendations for a class for the license you need 352-392-4721

Finally, the UF/IFAS bookstore has a lot of helpful exam study materials if you want to study at home. They’re totally worth it and are designed to help you pass the test. For example, this book will help with the CORE pesticide exam, an exam that is required by many licenses:

Here are more study guide materials the bookstore offers.


Take the exam

Once youre ready to take an exam, go here and follow the steps.

This site will let you know how to get a testing voucher from FDACS first. It will send you to this site to get the voucher

Get a voucher, then schedule your exam. You can schedule your exams at the Collier Office at 14700 Immokalee Rd by calling Peggy at our office (239) 252-4800. Some exams can be taken at home with an online service called Everblue.

Find your score

Find your score after ~2 weeks at the following site. Look under the “exam search by name” button




Posted: July 11, 2022

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