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Master Gardener Status Guidelines

  • Active Status
  • Inactive Status
  • Re-certification

A. Active Status

1). A Florida Master Gardener on Active Status is one who has completed all the requirements for becoming a Florida Master Gardener; and who
  • a). Has committed to performing 75 hours of volunteer work within the 12 month period immediately following certification and to reporting those hours and all contacts on a monthly basis;
  • b). Agrees to complete 12 hours of additional training which can include: Master Gardener In-Service training; Master Gardener advanced training in Gainesville, or other training that is approved as acceptable by the county horticulture agent;
  • c). Has received a certificate of completion of training; and
  • d). Has been granted a certification/identification card signed and dated by the county horticulture agent.
2). The Active status is valid for one year from date of certification (or re-certification).
3). If a Master Gardener ceases active participation in the program, the certification as Master Gardener may be voided by the county horticulture agent, as stipulated in “Policies Regarding Florida Master Gardeners”, or that person may be placed on Inactive Status.

B. Inactive Status

An inactive Master Gardener is one who has met all the requirements for Active status, but who is unable to commit to or complete the minimum 35 hours of service and who intends to re-certify for Active status in the near future. The following policies apply:
1). The county horticulture agent is responsible for determining whether or not Master Gardeners may be given inactive status. To be eligible for inactive status the Master Gardener must be in good standing, having completed their original commitment of 35 hours of volunteer service. Consideration must also be given to proper reasons, intentions, degree of commitment and other circumstances.
2). Inactive Master Gardeners are ineligible to participate as or represent themselves as Active Master Gardeners.
3). County horticulture agents should maintain names and addresses of all inactive members in their files for reference.
4). Inactive Master Gardeners are ineligible for mailings or continued training in Gainesville provided to Active Master Gardeners.

C. Re-certification

Re-certification is the process by which Master Gardeners retain or obtain Active status. The following procedures apply:
1). Re-certification is for a period of one year from the date Active status is re-certified.
2). Following re-certification, Active status may be voided should the Master Gardener cease active participation in the program (see Active Status, # 3).
3). A Florida Master Gardener may re-certify by meeting all the requirements of Active Status (see Active Status, #1), and by
  • a). Committing to all provisions as indicated by signature on “Policies Regarding Florida Master Gardeners” form.
  • b). Passing a brief test to determine adequate horticulture knowledge, if deemed necessary by the county horticulture agent.

4). County horticulture agents should provide each Master Gardener re-certified to Active status an identification card appropriately signed and dated.


Posted: June 3, 2018

Category: Home Landscapes, Horticulture
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