FAQ: School Enrichment Projects

Did you know Collier County 4-H also does School Enrichment Projects?

School Enrichment is a partnership between the University of Florida/IFAS Extension Service and a school district. The purpose is to provide educational content in various subject areas. Extension values its relationship with the schools and welcomes the opportunity to provide research-based curricula for classroom use.

A key goal of 4-H School Enrichment is also to expose youth to other 4-H experiences, such as the 4-H Club. Research shows that youth spending time in long-term, positive youth programs, such as 4-H, are less likely to become involved in high-risk behaviors. They also have higher school attendance and grades, better conflict management practices, and better work habits. 4-H School Enrichment can give youth and parents a picture of the benefits of a longer commitment to 4-H.


For example, 4-H Embryology is a project that allows students to learn science and respect for life, right in their own classroom. Students start off with caring for their fertilized eggs in the incubators. Over a span of 21 days, they get to watch the process of the chicks developing and hatching! Once the chicks hatch, they are taken care of by the class until it is time to give them back to local farmers or families.

To learn more about School Enrichment programs in Collier County, please contact Tish Roland at Troland@ufl.edu.


Posted: February 8, 2018

Category: 4-H & Youth, Curriculum, UF/IFAS Extension
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