INFOGRAPHIC: What’s Fresh in Florida?

Eating in season in Florida can be a real treat! And this time of the year we have a variety of vegetables and fruits available at grocery stores, farmer’s markets, farm stands and CSAs.

According the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida has over 47,300 commercial farms and ranches, and uses a total of 9.45 million acres. Florida is also ranked second in the U.S. for value of vegetable production, first in production value for oranges, fresh market tomatoes, watermelons, grapefruit, sugarcane, fresh market snap beans and fresh market cucumbers; second in the production of greenhouse and nursery products, bell peppers, strawberries, fresh market sweet corn, spring potatoes, peanuts, tangerines and avocados. In addition, Florida producers account for 56% of total U.S. citrus production (2015 figures).

Click the photo to see for yourself—What’s Fresh in Florida!



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Posted: February 6, 2018

Category: Agriculture, Crops, Fruits & Vegetables, Natural Resources
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