Inspiring Women in Engineering

It is critical that we expand our workforce in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math; to do this, we need more women engineers.

Hannah, Civil Engineer. Hannah is a project manager for real estate development and has also worked as an engineer for large construction companies.

Studies indicate that women can be equally competent in STEM careers, for example, one study showed that a difference in average math performance between girls and boys no longer exists in the general school population (Hyde et al., 2008); however, we still see significantly more males pursuing engineering careers. Attracting and retaining more women in the STEM workforce will maximize innovation, creativity, and competitiveness.

Courtney, Mechanical Engineering. Just like someone can control a robot, Courtney can control a person’s muscles by sending electricity through them so that people with movement disorders can ride a bike.

Here are 3 more reasons why women are essential to maximizing progress in STEM.

  • Allow for better design to be used by a wider range of people. Engineers design the things we use daily and female needs may be overlooked, if designed by only males.
  • Pay equity- because STEM careers pay significantly more, on average. If we want to close the gender-wage-gap and achieve full gender equality, expanding the female workforce in STEM careers is pivotal.
  • Social purpose- Women are attracted to STEM fields with a clear social purpose and capitalize on the socially beneficial aspects of engineering/STEM. This outlook will maximize innovation and social connectivity in all STEM fields.

Sarah, Environmental Engineering. Sarah makes biofuel out of algae. She studies how well algae can grow in reused water.

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Career participation in STEM has been compared to a pipeline. In order to have a career in STEM, it is important that people develop an interest as a youth. Clay County 4-H aims to inspire young people in STEM-related fields through clubs, enrichment, workshops, summer camps, and more

Christine, water resources engineering. Christine works as an environmental consultant.

Want to participate in STEM workshops or community clubs? Contact and attend the Space Agriculture workshop on March 22nd!



Posted: February 22, 2018

Category: 4-H & Youth
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