The Power of Moments

What are the origins of the defining moments in our lives? You know the ones that have us sitting on the edge of our chairs – waiting for the phone to ring or our name to be called. These can be moments that just happen or moments that we make for ourselves and those around us.

I recently finished a book by Chip and Dan Heath “The Power of Moments”. In it they explore the science behind those “special” moments.

Chip and Dan are brothers; and I would imagine they have experienced many powerful moments together as a family. In their book, they begin with a deep dive into – What are these powerful moments? How are they defined? For them, these moments are short (timewise), but both memorable and meaningful. In contrast, for a centenarian (100 + years old), high school graduation might feel like a moment. Whereas a newly graduated high school senior sees it as a significant event.


The authors share the four components of a defining moment. The moment may include one of these or all four:

  •              Elevating – moments that rise above everyday experiences.
  •              Insightful – reveal an understanding of ourselves or our world.
  •              Prideful – moments of achievement and courage on the road to a bigger goal.
  •              Connected – sharing with others through social networks (weddings, births, speeches, etc.)

Knowing what goes into a defining moment is a way for each of us to create our own. More importantly it is a tool for us to use in creating defining moments for family, friends, and co-workers.


On a rainy summer day, use a favorite family movie or book to create a new experience. Plan meals and activities based on the characters – think chocolate             frogs and butterbeer.


Drop off dinner to a friend, just because and then take the time to ask about their day.


Create endings that celebrate the completion of a project, while at the same time recognizing the contributions of each member of the team to the project’s              success.

Particularly key is to focus on the experience and along the way to SPARK (ignite) defining moments. Too often in the hustle and bustle of daily life the focus is on getting things done, rather than experiencing the moments.

                                                                                 FOCUS ON THE MOMENTS !!!!!


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Posted: November 14, 2023

Tags: Connection, Family, Friends

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