Club Officer Spotlight: President

Are you interested in serving as the President of your 4-H Club? If you are elected as the President of your club, you must be willing to take on a large amount of responsibility and be willing to work with your club leaders to make sure that everything runs smoothly for your club throughout the year. The Club President is the glue that holds the group together!

Take a look at the requirements for the club President as well as the job description to find out more about what the job of the President entails.

Job Requirements:
-Must be an Intermediate or Senior 4-H’er (Youth ages 11-18)
-Must have been enrolled in 4-H for more than 1 year.
-Must be willing and able to speak in front of a group.
-Must possess leadership skills.

Job Description:
The President of a 4-H Club is serving as the leader of the club officer team. You will need to conduct a business meeting, work with 4-H’ers of all ages and backgrounds and encourage all members to work together towards a common goal. As the President of the club, you should be prepared for the following tasks:
-Working with the club leader to plan the business portion of the meeting.
-Assisting the club leader in putting together the club meeting agenda.
-Arriving at the meeting early to set up the room prior to members arriving.
-Preside over / run all 4-H club meetings.
-Use parliamentary procedure to lead club meetings effectively.
-Work with the other officers to plan events and activities.
-Delegate jobs so 4-H members and other officers have the opportunity to participate in the club.



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Posted: August 24, 2020

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