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Sky Blue Cluster Vine – A South Florida Beauty

Rare Blue Beauty

I have grown, sold and worked with Florida native plants for over 30 years.  During that time, I have discovered some of the real stand outs.  Sky Blue Cluster Vine, or Jacquemontia pentanthos, is one of these.

Jacquemontia has many wonderful attributes. Here is a list of my favorite ones:
  1.  It is one of the most beautiful, true blue flowers in the world!  For those of us who love flowers, then you know that a true blue is rare.  The common name of “Sky Blue Cluster Vine”  is very apt.  So, if you have been searching for that perfect blue, this may fit the bill.
  2. Even though it’s a vine, it is one of the most polite vines I know.  It never overwhelms anything and can even be grown as a ground cover.  I have them on small trellises.  They grow anywhere from 6 to 10 feet and because they are delicate growers, can intermingle nicely with just about anything.  They need partial to full sun to thrive.
  3. Pollinators love this plant, especially honeybees.  They have abundant pollen and nectar during months when blooming is more scarce.
  4.  One of my favorite attributes is that it blooms in the winter!  Yes, beginning in the early autumn it will bloom all through the darkest months and into late spring, a full 6 months or more in South Florida, or zones 10-11.  Its other common name is Key West Morning Glory.  So, when the weather is the best here, and we are outside much more, it is there for us to enjoy.
  5. Jacquemontia is very drought tolerant, although during extremely dry spells, you may want to give it some water.  This lovely plant will also reseed nearby, so once you have one, you may have a few to share…if you can bear to part with them, that is.

One of the prettiest vines you will ever see!
Jacquemontia pentanthos – Sky Blue Cluster Vine

Not easy to find

Although they are rather difficult to find in nurseries, you can probably find them online.  In any case, this is one plant that is worth the hunt.


Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS)


4 Comments on “Sky Blue Cluster Vine – A South Florida Beauty

  1. Donna, reading your blog on Skyblue Cluster Vine was a great way to start my morning. Well done and thank you. Now I have to go out and find one!

  2. Thank you! Caught my attention when I saw “True blue,” “Polite vine,” and “Winter bloom.” Will be searching for a Sky Blue Cluster Vine!

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