4-H Bug Camp

New program: Bug Camp

This summer Broward 4-H hosted a week-long “Bug Camp” for the first time. Campers ranged from the age 6 to 11. Each day consisted of the Bug of the Day, insect collecting and releasing, as well as lessons ranging from the anatomy of a bug to roles bugs play on our lives!

Art and Science
Bug Campers make insect pendants for necklaces. Insects were preserved in resin.

The kids loved arts and craft activities such as watercolor painting of insect anatomy, making butterflies out of clothespins, and creating camouflaged insect art using natural materials. We painted donated coffee mugs and filled them with hollow bamboo to make homes for solitary bees. At the end of the week, parents came early to a show and tell where we displayed the youth’s artwork throughout the room and played a slideshow of pictures throughout the week.

Real life insects

Before leaving the youth were able to release over a dozen butterflies into our pollinator garden. By the far the kid’s favorite activity was holding a feeding Lubber grasshopper, which were one of many different insect species we had as our classroom pets. Each child even named their grasshoppers and took them home or released them. Lubbers are easy to find if you want your child to explore this insect. They do not bite and are colorful, interesting creatures to examine. Overall it was a valuable and fun experience for the youth and 4-H staff members.

A Bug Camper is excited to hold a lubber grasshopper
Future events

Interested in fun nature themed events? Check out our Facebook (@Broward4HYouthDevelopment) or our Calendar for upcoming events. Check out our clubs to find one that matches your interest, or start your own insect themed club! Call 954-756-8519 to find out more.

Solitary bees make their homes inside of the hollow bamboo. Campers used paint marker to decorate their own bee hotels.

Posted: August 14, 2019

Category: 4-H & Youth
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