Florida Saves Emergency Funds

Have you created an emergency fund? A new year is approaching and a great way to start 2022 is by put away money for an emergency or adding to your existing one. We never know what is to come and by having, money set aside for emergencies will not only help you take care of your emergency right away but also help prevent extra stress and anxiety. The amount of your emergency fund can be as large or little as you would like. A great example is to think about the things that could possibly go wrong and how much it would cost to fix the issue then set your goal.

Make sure your amount is reasonable and easy to manage without causing a financial burden. Often, we would like to save but feel like we are unable to. By making small changes and creating a budget, saving for a rainy day can become a lot easier. A great example is to decrease the amount of money that you spend on food outside of your home. Many of us spend money while out, such as stopping to get breakfast in the morning, buying lunch every day or even going to get that cup of coffee. By decreasing the amount, you spend on fast food, you are able to save a few dollars every week.

UF/IFAS Extension has collaborated with the America Saves Campaign to help those wanting to gain financial security in Florida reach their goals. By taking the Florida Saves Pledge you are making a self-commitment to create a simple savings plan that is easy for you. Set your goal, take the pledge, and then make it happen. Follow the Bradford County FCS Facebook page for more information on how to take the pledge and get helpful tips on how to build financial security.


Posted: November 22, 2021

Tags: #FloridaSaves, Finance

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