How to seek truth in the era of fake news-TED Talk Conversations

TED talk interview with Christiane Amanpour looks at finding truth in a world filled with fake news. As Extension Professionals we are often faced with defending facts. Sometimes this is a logical progressive conversation, other times we may feel like we are battling unknown adversaries. In this click and surf google world narrowing the search for truth may be a difficult path.
An example of this is our current climate change conversation. Currently, 99% of science empirical evidence supports that our climate has changed and continues to change. This up against a handful of climate “deniers” is, as Amanpour describes, unequivocally fake news. Yet if you travel through some of the tunnels of social media it is impossible to translate between real and fake news.
The term fake news, she discusses, has been wielded often at the media over the past year. With statements that we need to hear equally from both sides. Sometimes we have to step up and speak loudly. “If we are neutral on issues like climate change or genocide” Amanpour states “you are an accomplice”. It is important to do your homework, understand what both sides are saying then make an informed conclusion. Do not settle for scanning the headlines, be diligent on understanding issues.
We are all global citizens-it is our responsibility to find the truth. Visit respected websites, find information on more than one site. Have difficult conversations with others and leave as friends and colleagues. As we move through this digital age, Extension is poised to help our communities better understand what is happening in the world. It is our responsibility to do our homework, translate information, and help our clients engage in positive civil discourse. I encourage you to visit and watch the full podcast.


Posted: November 8, 2017

Category: Professional Development


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