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I grew up in Kentucky and attended 4-H camp every year from age 8-18. Wanting to be part of the whole camp experience, I became a counselor-in-training when I was eligible and then a full-fledged counselor. Then when I went to college, I worked at camp in the summers as a camp staff member. Needless to say, I loved camp! Those fun filled weeks of 4-H camp were a time to be outdoors, learn about nature and meet some of my best friends that I am still in contact with today! Camp helps you meet people from other places and share their experiences. It is a time when you get to grow up a little in a safe environment and learn how to get along with others. There are so many wonderful memories that I have from my summer time adventures at camp. For instance, I can still hear the water trickling down the hill into the pond where we launched our canoes. I still get the chills when I think about our entire camp singing around the campfire and making s’mores.

Camp friends

This is why I work hard to prepare camp for my county campers and teen counselors – I want to create similar memories for them. In 10, 20 or 30 years from now, I want them to think back on the fun moments they experienced in the Florida 4-H camping program. I want them to form friendships and make camp connections and memories for a lifetime, whether it’s learning to kayak, fish, making arts and crafts, cooking over a campfire, singing camp songs and much more.

With all of this said, I hope you as parents will consider giving your child(ren) these special moments. The days are long, but fun, and nights are filled with campfires and hanging out with friends. When they arrive home on Friday, they’ll be exhausted but so excited to share all the camp songs with you (prepare yourself for lots of loud, enthusiastic singing). They’ll have new friends they want you to meet and tell you camp stories they’ll always cherish. Our week of camp is July 8-12, 2019. We camp with Gulf, Franklin and Wakulla Counties. The cost is $350. We do have some scholarships available for our youth if you need assistance. Please don’t make the cost the reason for not sending your child to camp. To register you will need to go to For questions please call 850-784-6105. More information is on our Events page.

Camp Timpoochee Packing List and Parent Info 2019

Youth campers and crafts

We do have a couple of day camps also available. There will be a tailgating workshop June 5-7 for youth age 11 and older, at the Navy Base the cost will be $50. Youth will learn about the art of grilling proteins. It is a precursor competition for the district contest July 20. There will also be a district-wide entomology day camp in Marianna, July 16-18. The cost is $50. I will have limited transportation, on a first come first serve basis to this event. We will leave Bay County at 8 a.m. and return around 3:30 p.m. During this camp youth will learn about helpful and harmful insects, how to ID insects, how to collect and pin insects and learn about the 4-H Insect-a-thon competition.

Extension and 4-H want to encourage children, teens and families to learn by doing. For more information on summer programs, contact your local Bay County 4-H Agent at 850-784-6105. 4-H is one of the nation’s most diverse organizations and includes people from all economic, racial, social, political, and geographic categories. There are no barriers to participation by any young person. Participants are given the opportunity to engage in activities that hold their personal interest, while being guided by adult volunteers.


Posted: May 21, 2019

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