Employers Say Recent College Graduates Lack Communication Skills

Why Are Communication Skills Important?

According to “Intelligent” a student life magazine, 53% of 789 surveyed employers said recent college graduates struggle with eye contact & communication skills and 47% said that candidates showed up for interviews dressed inappropriately. Twenty-one percent of employers have had interviewees refuse to turn their cameras on during an interview. Why is this significant? With the pandemic, youth and college students had not been interacting in person nor had they been participating in clubs, jobs, or internships. Essential skills like public speaking that teach how one should dress, look at an audience, and speak professionally were missed. The magazine interviewed Dr. Diane Gayeski, professor of strategic communications at Ithaca College. Dr. Gayeski says that Gen Z employees need a lot of mentoring down to what to wear, how to write a business email, or how to speak up in a meeting. These skills can be learned by participating in your local 4-H Club. 

Participation in 4-H clubs & activities can teach youth the necessary skills for being in the workforce such as confidence in public speaking, appreciating the differences in others, accepting constructive criticism, and work ethic. However, youth who do not step out of their comfort zones, don’t take chances doing an activity beyond the club level, will not use those experiences to their advantage can utilize a 4-H experience to the fullest to prepare them for adulthood.

It’s imperative that 4-H youth learn these skills while they can receive constructive criticism and not lose out on a job opportunity.

Virtual work meeting. Photo taken 11-04-20.

What Can Youth Do to Develop or Improve Their Skills?

At the club level, 4-H members can do a special activity or talk with club members. On the competitive side, members can:

Public speaking is something that makes many people uncomfortable, but without practice it won’t get any easier. Getting out of your comfort zone is important for personal growth.

From: https://www.intelligent.com/nearly-4-in-10-employers-avoid-hiring-recent-college-grads-in-favor-of-older-workers/


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Posted: February 2, 2024

Category: 4-H & Youth, Clubs & Volunteers

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