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Wild Garlic

Allium canadense
Wild garlic’s grasslike leaves. Photo by Eleanor Dietrich
Wild garlic’s grasslike leaves. Photo by Eleanor Dietrich

Wild Garlic is a common, grasslike perennial that has clusters of white flowers and forms bulbs of garlic. All parts of the plant are edible and can be utilized in the same fashion as garlic or onions. Flowers are star-shaped and have six petals that appear white to pink. Another variety found in Florida, A. canadense var. mobilense, appears the same visually does but does not produce bulbs. Blooms appear in later winter and spring and can be identified by the strong garlic/onion aroma.

Plants grow to about 1′ tall and are found in full sun areas that are moderately moist. Plants can often be found in nurseries specializing in Florida natives although some look-alike plants may be found in big box garden centers they are not often edible varieties.

Learn more about the plant characteristics here: https://flawildflowers.org/flower-friday-allium-canadense/

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Posted: November 1, 2021

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