Hurricane Season is Here, IS YOUR HURRICANE KIT READY?

Get your Emergency Preparation Checklist Ready for Hurricane Season

The 2020 Hurricane season is here but do you have your hurricane kit ready? Emergencies are not planned they suddenly occur so you much you must be prepared. You should have your disaster supply kit ready and know where it is to grab when the time comes you need it. If you prepared a disaster supply kit last year make sure you keep it maintained. You really need to prepare three different emergency kits; one for home, work and your car because you do not know where you’ll be when an emergency occurs. Each kit needs to be personalized to fit your and your family’s needs.

Three Different Emergency Kits:
  1. CAR KIT: Your car kit should contain food, water, first aid supplies, flares, jumper cables and seasonal supplies.
  2. WORK KIT: Your Work Kit should be one container that is easy to grab if you get evacuated from your workplace. You should include: food, manual can opener, water, flashlight, first aid kit, cell phone/s, laptop, solar charger for electric devices and a pair of comfortable walking shoes in case you are required to walk a long distance.

    Supplies needed to pack emergency hurricane kits
  3. HOME DISASTER SUPPLY KIT: Assemble the following items in an easy to carry container.
    • Water—count on at least two quarts of water per person per day. Include water purification supplies in your kit.
    • Food —stock a two week supply of nonperishable food that needs little or no cooking,
    • Toiletries, First Aid Supplies, Clothing and Bedding and Special Items – will depend on your family’s needs, but could include insulin, baby foods, and heart medicine.
    • Keep your Vehicle’s Tank Filled with fuel and if you evacuate take only one vehicle per household.
    • Have a cellular phone, charger and spare battery pack with you.
    • Keep cash on hand since ATM may not work if electric is off.

    These preparations can help ensure safety and peace of mind if a weather emergency occurs! Always be prepared to evacuate when a disaster hits.




    For more information contact your local UF/IFAS Extension Office


Posted: August 14, 2020

Category: Disaster Preparation, Food Safety, UF/IFAS Extension
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