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Native Pollinator Workshop

When people think about pollination, the honey bee immediately comes to mind. But honey bees are not native to the Americas. There are many other native insects that serve as pollinators for 75% of U.S. flowering plant species. These include over 4,000 species of bees, 750 species of butterflies, and thousands of species of wasps, flies and beetles.  Florida alone is home to over 300 species of native bees, plus hundreds of species of butterflies, wasps, flies and beetles that act as pollinators.

Some great ways to help these native pollinators is to plant native wildflowers, provide nesting habitats, spray pesticides wisely and minimize mowing. In our native pollinator workshop, we’ll cover all of these topics plus identify the many native pollinators you may encounter in the great outdoors. The workshop also includes a make and take pollinator house so that you can start providing for native pollinators as soon as you return home.

Register online at Eventbrite or in person at the Baker County Extension Office located at 1025 West Macclenny Avenue in Macclenny, Florida.  For more information call (904) 259-3520 or email

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  1. If you have a mailing list can I please be out in it.

    Thank you,

    Linda Stowell
    (Former Master Gardener from Polk County under the wonderful Dr. Shibles)