County Events Series: Public Speaking & Horse Public Speaking

Public Speaking

This program is designed to give 4-H’ers experience in the preparation and delivery of a 4-H related speech. This contest requires 4-H’ers to recognize, organize, and present information on a given topic. The timed speech must be orderly and thorough. 4-H’ers must acquire the ability to speak convincingly in public, expressing ideas effectively with poise and confidence.

Participation Criteria

    • Junior 4-H’ers must be 8-10 years old by September 1 of the current program year.
    • Intermediate 4-H’ers must be 11-13 years old by September 1 of the current program year.
    • Senior 4-H’ers must be 14-18 years old by September 1 of the current program year.

General Regulations

    • Speech must be original and specifically related to 4-H in a demonstrable way. The entire speech does not necessarily have to feature 4-H, but every contestant must, at some point in his/her speech, mention 4-H and its relationship to the material being presented. Contestants who break this rule will be subject to penalization by the judges
    • Speech must have been specifically prepared for, as part of, the 4-H Public Speaking Contest.
    • All requirements set forth in general regulations for participation in the Florida 4-H University must be satisfied for senior participants at the state level.
    • Speeches by senior 4-H’ers should be no less than 5 and no more than 7 minutes in length.
    • Speeches by junior and intermediate 4-H’ers should be no less than 3 and and no more than 7 minutes in length.
    • Contestants whose speeches ignore the outlined time specifications and reference to 4-H will be subject to penalization as outlined on the score sheet.
    • Previous first place 4-H Public Speaking Contest winners at state competition are not eligible to compete in this event
    • Participants may refine their speeches between district and state competition, but the content should not change dramatically.
    • Individual participation only, no team speeches will be allowed.

County Requirements: The two winners in each age division (senior, intermediate & junior) at the county level may participate at the district level event

District Requirements: The top two senior district winners who won blue ribbons are eligible to compete at the state level

State Requirements: Entries must have completed at the county and district levels.


  • Blue, Red, and White awards will be awarded based on quality of performance. First, second, and third place will be awarded to the highest scoring individuals.
  • The top three senior age winners at state competition may have the opportunity to participate in the Western National 4-H Roundup Public Speaking contest in Denver, Colorado at their own expense.

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Horse Public Speaking

Typically, Horse Public Speaking takes place at the same time as Public Speaking at County and District Events.

The rubrics are the same, however, the State Competition is held at a different time, because the regional horse public speaking competition is held during the same week as 4-H University.

Registration (due at the beginning of June) for the Horse Public Speaking is available through the University of Florida’s Animal Sciences Department, here.



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