Florida Master Money Mentors Needed for Alachua County Extension

Apply to be a Florida Master Money Mentor

The UF/IFAS Extension Alachua County Family and Consumer Science Program is recruiting individuals to be Florida Master Money Mentors. Are you interested in helping individuals improve their financial health? Do you believe in continuing education and would you like to be a volunteer affiliated with UF/IFAS Extension Alachua County? If you answered yes to these questions the Florida Master Money Mentor Program is something you need to check into. Inquire today about training information in Alachua County by emailing Martha Maddox, Family and Consumer Science Agent IV at mmaddox@ufl.edu for more information.

Description of the Florida Master Money Mentor Program

General Description: All Master Money Mentor Volunteers will complete the Florida Master Money Mentor Volunteer Training. The mentors will provide one-on-one mentoring/education for individuals or families that are experiencing financial difficulties.

Nature of Position: The volunteers will receive approximately 20 hours of intensive training in the following areas: financial mentoring, basic money management and strategies for dealing with financial problems, credit and debt management, savings, mentoring techniques, and community resources. Opportunities are provided in class to practice mentoring skills in small groups and one-to-one teaching and mentoring. Following the training, each volunteer agrees to provide volunteer financial mentoring/teaching within one year of completion of training.

Responsibilities and Qualifications for a Master Money Mentor


  • Assist individuals and families to analyze their financial situation and generate action strategies to improve their financial situation.
  • Practice effective communication and mentoring skills to interact with individuals and families in a respectful, nonjudgmental manner.
  • Understand the uniqueness of an individual’s attitudes, beliefs and values regarding money.
  • Be familiar with a variety of financial education tools and community resources that may be useful to individuals and families.
  • Complete volunteer activity reports and return them to the Family and Consumer Services Extension Agent.
  • Promote UF/IFAS Extension as an educational resource.


  • Ability to work with individuals in a respectful and nonjudgmental manner.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills. Good listening skills.
  • Sensitivity to and respect for individual differences.
  • Ability to maintain participant confidentiality and trust.
  • Ability to give back 40 hours in volunteer service within one year of completing the Master Money Mentor training.
  • Ability to attend all training sessions.
  • Access to a telephone and transportation.
  • Commitment to follow UF/IFAS Cooperative Extension financial management recommendations and avoid implying UF/IFAS Extension endorsement of any financial institution or product.

Benefits for Master Money Mentors:
  • Receive up-to-date training and materials on financial management for personal use.
  • Learn and build new skills.
  • Become a member of a working team providing a valuable service to individuals and families in the community.
  • Gain volunteer work experience in the public sector.
  • Perform a valuable service to families in the community.



Posted: December 18, 2019

Category: Money Matters, Relationships & Family, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: Credit, Financial, Financial Management, Financial Repair, Money, SMART Goals

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