How to Become a 4-H Volunteer

There are many ways to volunteer with Alachua County 4-H. You can become a club leader, speak at a 4-H event such as a club meeting or camp, volunteer as a judge at one of our competitive events, or work a booth for a financial simulation to teach high schoolers about managing finances, and much more. Our volunteers are not only the feet on the ground in our 4-H program but also act as mentors and advocates for our youth and are passionate about fostering leadership among students in the program.

To begin the process for becoming a volunteer you will need to enroll on 4-H online and complete the Office of Youth Compliance Service (OYCS) training online. This online enrollment and training must be completed every year.

If you are working with youth for over 6 hours this qualifies you as a level 2 volunteer. Level 2 volunteers must also complete the volunteer packet which includes volunteer information, a record of volunteer service, an attestation of good moral character, a privacy policy acknowledgement, and three references. This packet can be found on our website under General Resources (–general-resources/. ). You should submit this packet to Mary Lee at the office ( She will upload your information to 4-H online. You will then be contacted by the Florida 4-H office to set up an appointment for fingerprinting and background screening.


Posted: October 25, 2019


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