Teach Ag: Alicia Price

Being raised in Plant City, Florida, Alicia Price always knew being a teacher was her goal. When she joined her first agriculture class in middle school, her agriculture teacher became her role model, leading her to pursue a career in agricultural education. Alicia always wanted, “to be a gator,” so when the Plant City campus opened the opportunity for her to earn her degree and stay close to home, she jumped at the opportunity, and was a member of the first group of graduates.

15 years ago, Alicia started teaching middle school with the goal of being a good role model, like she had. While working to make a difference in their lives, she also instills an understanding of the industry and the need for advocacy for agriculture. Even now, in her first- year teaching agriculture in a high school classroom, Alicia continues to focus on building relationships with her students, stressing the importance of mutual respect between student and teacher. “Having industry certification opportunities is great, but first and foremost priority is building relationships and creating future leaders,” Alicia said, emphasizing the value of creating assignments that provided real-world experience and education about the agricultural industry.

To those considering a career in agricultural education, Alicia encourages everyone with a passion to do it. This highly rewarding career requires balance, but focus on your strengths, rely on others, and lean on the support the University of Florida and AEC provide. “As an agriculture teacher the relationships built with your students aren’t just for a year, it’s for life.”

AEC is celebrating National #TeachAg Day with NAAE on September 15, highlighting students and alumni who are making a difference in the lives of students and peers. If you’re interested in studying agricultural education or are looking for resources for teachers, visit the UF AEC website at https://aec.ifas.ufl.edu/ for more information!



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Posted: September 15, 2022

Category: UF/IFAS Teaching
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