Agritourism Resources for Florida Extension and beyond

So my IFAS blog is moving … sort of. I have several pages I’ve created over the last few years that I’m re-posting now as actual blog posts. This post covers agritourism-related resources for Extension agents, producers, and other educators that I’ve compiled. Please feel free to send suggestions and updates my way.

Statewide IFAS Resources

IFAS Small Farms Agritourism:

Commodity fact sheets: (see also Panhandle-specific commodities at the Panhandle Produce Pointers link)

Panhandle Produce Pointers:

EDIS Extension publications on agritourism, ag awareness, and general public engagement:

Statewide plan:

Florida consumer agritourism preferences report:

IFAS Blogs:

Also consider the IFAS Ecotourism site:

Other resources to consider:

Connect to growers/producers:


Posted: March 31, 2021

Category: Agriculture, Natural Resources
Tags: Agritourism, Public Engagement

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