The joy of results (and thank you conference deadlines for making us analyze data) #research #science #littlethings #ftw

Today was a joyous day … after a painful realization that failing to unhide rows in Excel and failing to uncheck the box in SPSS to ignore hidden cells meant I had run data on only 2 of 85 participants in one of my groups. Once I got that fixed, reset all the SPSS variable types to numeric despite changing the data in Excel to numbers, AND renamed all the SPSS labels (not just variable names), I finally hit the magic OK button and had interesting results! Hooray! This is the way real science research works, folks …

This wrapped up a nice day of revising a paper based on reviewer comments and several student meetings that got other projects kicked off or also found interesting data and minimal email hassles.


Posted: February 23, 2017

Tags: Katie Stofer

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