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It Takes Several Steps To Get Rid Of Weeds

southern weeds

Unmanaged landscapes and yards soon become a random collection of weeds which arrive on the wind, water, and by animals. A course of specific and controlled actions will be required to manage the site.

By Les Harrison
Wakulla County Extension Director

So far 2016 has been shaping up as a good growing year for Wakulla County lawns and gardens.  The rain has been adequate and timed so to keep the ground moist, but not too soggy.

That is the good news, but there is bad news too.  Weeds in Wakulla County like the same environment and are growing aggressively like weeds will do.

Many gardeners are feeling overwhelmed at the onslaught of unwanted vegetative invaders.  Dig one up and ten more appear to take its place.

As the frustration grows, the search is on for a universal one-spray-does-it-all solution to the weed problem.  Alas, there is no treatment which will kill all the weeds and leave the landscape untouched.

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