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Rainbow agama

Peters’s Rock Agama on the Treasure Coast

Peters's rock agama

Peters’s rock agama in Florida. Photo Credits: P. Harting.

A new UF/IFAS EDIS document “Peters’s rock agama in Florida” is now available here. People throughout central and south Florida are seeing this eyecatching nonnative reptile.  This nonnative reptile species in Florida is most notable because of the males’ colorful skin and relatively large size as compared to Florida’s native lizards. Adult males can grow to 12 in. including the tail, but females don’t grow quite as large. In addition to their size difference, males and females may look very different. In Florida, adult males in breeding condition are boldly marked with an orange or red head, a black body, and a black-tipped tail immediately preceded by orange coloration.  They can be seen scaling sides of buildings and basking on sidewalks in urban areas.

The UF/IFAS Extension St. Lucie County is producing educational information about nonnative Peters’s rock agama that are becoming increasingly visible on the Treasure Coast. You can view the TV show that was produced on the topic courtesy of WLX TV – the School Board of St. Lucie County educational channel.  Information in this video and EDIS publication is based on up-to-date research conducted by UF/IFAS and collaborating partners.  In addition, a new UF EDIS document is now available.

Peters’s Rock Agama in Florida


Report Peters’s Rock Agama Using Eddmaps

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Gioeli, K.T. and S.A. Johnson. 2020. Peters’s rock agama in Florida. [UF/IFAS EDIS] Accessed online September 10, 2021.

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