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Meet Our Conference Chefs: Emmanuel Roux

Chef Emmanuel Roux, the chef at Gateau O Chocolat Roux, has been involved with creating, making and enjoying delicious food throughout his entire life.

Chef Roux was born and raised in Tunisia on a farm owned by his parents, French expatriates. He studied in France, England and Switzerland.

In 1975, Roux moved to New York as general manager of the Lotos Club – an exclusive arts and literature private club, one of the oldest in Manhattan. Then, in 1979, he moved to Savannah, Ga. where he founded Gaston Dupre Inc., the first high-end flavored gourmet pasta company.

Since 1993, Chef Roux has owned several restaurants in St Petersburg, Fla. It was in these restaurants where he refined his version of the classic French flourless chocolate cake. After numerous requests from his regulars and friends, Emmanuel began selling his cake directly to chocolate lovers.

Food has been a life-passion, and he has an extensive knowledge of agriculture, food production, distribution, cooking and enjoying the fruit of his labors.

Emmanuel spends his free time cultivating two organic community gardens, which he was instrumental in developing and where he is raising small flocks of urban chickens. He is a vocal advocate of permaculture and urban agriculture. He also serves on the board of the Tampa Bay Slow Food chapter.

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