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Yellow Elder, Tecoma Stans

Q: What could be wrong with my Tacoma Stans?

Q:  Last year I transplanted a Tacoma Stans to a spot where it would get a little more sun and growing room. It rewarded the move by almost doubling in breadth, adding 30-40% in height.  About one week ago I saw one healthy 6 foot shoot with all of its leaves shriveled.  Frankly, I felt it was probably a borer or even a cut from the maintenance people. Yesterday morning the entire plant was bearing 1/2 shriveled leaves.  What could be wrong?
A:  Your plant is called Yellow Elder, Tecoma Stans, and it most likely has a root rot.  This plant grows well in poor, sandy soils with little water.  I suspect it is receiving too much loving care in your yard and is not accustomed to being treated so well.  Yellow Elder can become weedy and in some areas even an invasive plant, however I do not think you need to worry about that possibility.  It will probably respond better to even more sun if you can supply it so consider moving it again to a sunnier spot.  You may also want to allow it to grow in our native sandy soil.