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Seashore paspalum

Q:   I am considering replacing my lawn at the beach with Seashore paspalum grass.  Where can I get it?

A:    You will probably have some difficulty locating this grass for the home landscape as we have had very little success with it becoming completely established here.  The common mistakes made with St. Augustinegrass are often the same ones made with Seashore paspalum.  Those mistakes are watering too often, using high nitrogen fertilizers and mowing the grass blades too short.  Any combination of these cultural practices can cause the grass to decline. The best chance of obtaining Seashore paspalum would be through a local nursery, especially one which normally provides lawn grass to homeowners.

Just a couple of other hints about lawn grass along coastal areas which may help you enjoy your landscape.  Consider reducing the amount of lawn grass in the high salt and wind areas as they require too much attention to keep them in good health. Expand your bedding areas and increase the mulched spaces under trees. Choose an appropriate cultivar for shady areas as most lawn grasses love full sun and Seashore paspalum is one of those grasses. Trying to grow grass in shady sites produces poor plant material and then no one is happy with the results. Reduce the amount of water and fertilizer you apply to any grass grown in the shade. 

Dr. Laurie Trenholm is one of the turfgrass experts at the University of Florida.  The website for complete information regarding home lawns is attached:
I have also attached an older document on Seashore paspalum but the newest research from Dr. Trenholm is not yet available in this document. However, much of the care of Seashore paspalum is still accurate: