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Fact sheet: Firecracker


Firecracker Plant is a weeping shrub that, when in full bloom, looks as if it is raining flowers. These slender, red, tubular flowers appear in the summer and hang on the plant like little firecrackers during most of the year. The flowers occur in 12-inch-long sprays and are a delight to the onlooker. The slim and pendulous branches of this plant lack foliage; the leaves are reduced to bracts. However, the branches and bracts are of fine texture and have a very pleasant color. The fruit of Firecracker Plant are small, inconspicuous, and also hang in clusters.

Scientific name: Russelia equisetiformis

Pronunciation: russ-SEEL-lee-uh eck-kwiss-see-tiff-FORmiss

Common name(s): Firecracker Plant

Fact sheetFirecracker Plant

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden

Sold at Nassau County Master Gardener Plant Sale